Episode #25: Gesture Bending and the Poetics of Schizophonia with Navid Navab

This episode showcases the work of Navid Navab, a Montreal-based media alchemist, composer/improvisor, audio-visual sculptor, and multidisciplinary artist. Navab’s catalogue of work is diverse and varied, from interactive, public, sound extravaganzas to the design of precision sonic interfaces that make medical perception in the surgery room more intuitive. Underlying this array imaginative creations is a core awareness of the relationship between gesture and sound. Navab’s work uses the familiarity of gestures, such as those involved in cooking or pouring drinks, to re-enchant the objects that accompany those gestures, using sound. By manipulating and transforming the inherent sonic properties of materials we know from everyday life, Navid reacquaints us with the magic and wonder of our embodied experience. This episode originally aired on CFRU on August 27th, 2015.


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