Episode #32: Silent Communication – Interspecies Music with Kimber Sider

This show is about interspecies communication in the context of musical performance. According to today’s guest, Kimber Sider, horses are a sort of barometer for musical connection, since music is not just about sound but is a conduit to a silent embodied layer of meaning that is the basis for empathetic communication, affective connection, and emotional resonance. When Kimber Sider rode her horse Katrina across Canada, from Nova Scotia to British Columbia, on her own, she had a lot of time to pick up on the subtle bodily communication happening between her and her horse in the various landscapes, rural cultures, and navigational SNAFUs that her extremely brave endeavor endangered. Check out the documentary Chasing Canada that she made about her ride: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35lJsBnWPjA). Since then Kimber has been working on her PhD in Theater at the University of Guelph, and as part of her research Kimber has set up the most extraordinary sort of ‘laboratory’: Kimber invites improvising musicians to jam with her horses! Check out improvisers David Lee (http://www.davidneillee.com/), Dong-Won Kim (http://www.silkroadproject.org/ensemble/artists/dong-won-kim), and Jesse Stewart (http://www.jessestewart.ca/). We did the interview over Skype in the very final days of 2015 when I was hiding away in the woods for the holidays, so the internet was cutting in and out. This meant that some of Kimber’s words were glitchy and hard to understand. I decided to just over-dub the distorted words with my own voice: the result is thus a technological/sonic reflection of the collaborative nature of intellectual exchange, and the influence a producer can exert over the presentation of another’s speech! This episode originally aired on Tuesday, January 5th, at 5pm on CFRU 93.3FM.



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